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Poster: Madhavananda Date: Jul 6, 2005 6:00am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: This category system...

These category dropdown menus when you add an entry... WOW! There's a total of 1438 of them!

I understand that it's a big world with many genres, but I'm wondering if it'd be impossible to somehow sort them in a more coherent manner so as to make finding a category easier.

If that's too big a task for now, then I'd suggest having the entire category listing open up into a popup window where scrolling (and searching with a keyword) would be much easier, and at which one could click on the entry, and a javascript would throw that value back to the parent window and change the dropdown value. (A fairly simple piece of code will take care of that.)

In this vein, in the future you may want to consider people suggesting categories and have a curator then review and put them into proper places at the same time as the entry itself is reviewed.

Currently there are for example 46 categories called "Noise" with 7 subs called "Conlangcore", and god knows how many Ambients with miscellaneous spellings and Ambient subs as roots, and what not.

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Poster: Madhavananda Date: Jul 6, 2005 7:14am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: A curious observation about the FTP server

I tried to look up a meta XML file from under and got the following:

550-Sorry, but the upload/download ratio is 7000:1 .
550-You currently uploaded 0 Kb and downloaded 0 Kb.
550 Please upload some goodies and try leeching later.

Is this something new that's come into use system-wide? If it is, then good for you - I was wondering whether some might be using your FTP servers for something else than they were meant for.